Vote for the UberProf case study in Mix 2010

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Christopher Bennage has submitted a Mix talk that I think is interesting :-)

LinqToSQL and EntityFramework Profilers: Case Study

If you aren’t already familiar with the UberProf suite of ORM profilers, you can read tales of the development on Ayende’s blog. Rob and I built the UI side of the application, and we learned a lot in the process. I’d like to do a talk were we discuss the challenges of the project, how we solved them, and what we did wrong.

Yes, NHProf will be included too. (I submitted a case study for it last year, and it didn’t get picked. I have to sneak it in).

A few interesting aspects:

  • we built this using MVVM, but well before Caliburn reached maturity.
  • the four separate apps (NHProf, EFProf, L2SProf, HProf) all use a single code base.
  • we’re about to port the project from WPF to Silverlight.

Please vote for this session.