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Entity Framework Profiler is now in public beta

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imageAfter some time in private beta, the Entity Framework Profiler has now to the public beta stage.

For the beta period, I am offering a 30% discount for EF Prof.

EF Prof brings the an unparallel level of insight into Entity Framework internals. You can see exactly what sort of actions Entity Framework takes against you database, view the results of queries, correlate queries to the matching lines of code that spawn them and get on the spot guidance when you are violating Entity Framework best practices.

Here is the screen shot, and you can also take a look at the live demo as well.




Is not or is now in public beta?

Ronald Widha

Have you considered a much cheaper license for personal use? I'd love to own a license for the whole set to twiddle around. I'm sure it serves as a good introduction to 'upgrade' to the full license when it comes to real projects.


Your typos become more painful with each post.


Yeah, I think he means 'now'.

When is 'uberProf' going to be available so that I can buy the whole thing, not just specific versions.

Jason Meckley

What would be interesting, now that there are 3 profilers, is to compare the results of all 3 using the recommended best practices for each framework.

the interesting part would be seeing if there are any differences in

the final sql produced

the execution plan(s)

the complexity of the code for the query(s)

the complexity of the mapping

I think this would begin highlight the trade-offs between each framework. Personally I can't see how EF or L2S can compete with NH, but you never know.

Ayende Rahien


I don't know why, buy not & now is something that I keep confusing.

Ayende Rahien


The fun part about this blog. No one forces you to read it.

Ayende Rahien


That is something that is under consideration, yes.


@dan and @kris - some people call that "local color"...I think it adds to the Ayende experience ;) nit pick all you want, but don't miss the value of Ayende's posts.


+1 for Ronald's idea about a personal license.

I would buy a personal license in a heartbeat for use at home where I need it as a learning tool.

Glenn F. Henriksen

I totally see the personal license advantage from my point of view as a user, but I also see the disadvantage from Ayende's PoV. Selling a cheaper personal license will mean that a lot of businesses will just buy personal licenses instead, regardless of if they're supposed to or not.

So unless the personal version is sufficently crippled in some way it will mean a direct hit in the sale to the existing target group. The question then is if the sale of the new personal licences will cover that loss.


I didn't even know you were working on this. I must have been under a rock.

Interesting, does this mean EF has gained meaningful confidence? I know v4 has reduced the shortcomings of poco and lazy loading to some degree but I hadn't actually heard many alt.netters come out and support it much yet.

Ayende Rahien


I created this because there is a large market, personally I would use NH, but then I am biased.


I hear ya. Personally I would use NH too, and while I had nothing to do with NH I am biased as well.

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