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Setting the record straight: I am not the main contributor to NHibernate

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This is just something that bothers me. I’ll take credit where credit is due, but in this case, it isn’t. I am neither the owner of NHibernate nor the main contributor, as some people seems to think.

According to ohloh, I am actually the #4 contributor, and if we will look at results from the last year alone, I would say that I am more likely to be #5 or #6. NHibernate is the work of many people, and it bothers me that people seems to think that because I talk about NHibernate frequently and for so long, I am actually the main guy behind it.

I am not the main contributor, I am just the loudest one.


Tuna Toksoz

I like to say it in that way: "one of the main contributors of NHibernate".

Frank Quednau

Indeed...Fabio's visible on the Web, but one Mike Doerfler...after 10 minutes of Google Search still no conclusive identification. Apart from NH contribution he seems quite web-invisible :)

Much regards to him from my side. Whatever people bitch about NH, it's a great effort as it allows for Greenfield and Brownfield (you know, the muddy, murky one) dev.

Frans Bouma

Mike ported the hibernate source to C# if I'm not mistaken, and abandoned the project years ago. Wasn't some russian guy doing lots of devs on nhibernate after that before he was hired by JBoss?

Ayende Rahien


You are talking about Sergey, with the commit username of 'justme84'.


This is typical - all attention goes to the loudest ones as the hardworking ones don't have time for publicity... I mean no offense, you compensate for it in other projects


Wouldn't it have been appropriate to give credit where credit is due and mention the person who actually is the main contributor to NHibernate in the post?

Fred Pinto

Avish, maybe you missed the ohloh link...


i don't believe you.

Ayende Rahien


I did, by pointing out the ohloh statistics.


Oh right. I thought the link was to ohloh (as a "if you don't know what ohloh is, click here"). Withdrawn.

mike doerfler

Abandoned has such negative connotations ;) When I stopped being an active contributor the project was in good shape and getting lots of good reviews from users. Peter, myself, and Sergey were cranking out the code and answering tons of forum posts. The project at its peak was 30 to 40 hours of my time a week. With jboss' backing of the project and Sergey as a full-time dev, I simply burned out because I finally could.

Having some anonymity on the internet is not a bad thing ;)

Btw. I still use nhibernate and think everyone involved with the project has done a good job. Ayende has done a great job being a vocal leader. It is great he has a commercial product tied to nhibernate.

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