Entity Framework Profiler

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I was sitting with Julie Lerman today, and we got into a discussion on how to provide more information to EF users. It appears that there is much need for that.

This is what I do, more or less, so we decided to tackle that problem in the bar. Some drinks later, we had a working version of EF Prof that was actually able to intercept all queries coming from the Entity Framework. Initial testing also shows that I’ll be able to provide much more information about EF than I’ll be able to do with Linq to SQL.

Unfortunately, the current way of intercepting EF traffic is extremely invasive, and I don’t really like it. I consider it a good proof of concept, but I am going to spend some of next week trying to figure out a less invasive approach.

In the meanwhile, take a look (not the final look & feel):



And here is the project that we profile:


It supports all the usual niceties, so you get stack trace support, tracking selects (including lazy loading), updates, inserts & deletes. And I tested it on both EF 3.5 and EF 4.0.

I expect to have a private beta starting next week…