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Entity Framework Profiler

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I was sitting with Julie Lerman today, and we got into a discussion on how to provide more information to EF users. It appears that there is much need for that.

This is what I do, more or less, so we decided to tackle that problem in the bar. Some drinks later, we had a working version of EF Prof that was actually able to intercept all queries coming from the Entity Framework. Initial testing also shows that I’ll be able to provide much more information about EF than I’ll be able to do with Linq to SQL.

Unfortunately, the current way of intercepting EF traffic is extremely invasive, and I don’t really like it. I consider it a good proof of concept, but I am going to spend some of next week trying to figure out a less invasive approach.

In the meanwhile, take a look (not the final look & feel):



And here is the project that we profile:


It supports all the usual niceties, so you get stack trace support, tracking selects (including lazy loading), updates, inserts & deletes. And I tested it on both EF 3.5 and EF 4.0.

I expect to have a private beta starting next week…



This could turn into a useful way to help decide which ORM to use: which *Prof variant has the least-worst colour scheme ;¬)


Any chance of a private alpha this week? :)

Richard Armstrong

Will these profilers be available in a bundle?

Derik Whittaker

Just curious, how do you intercept the calls for EF?

Chris Woodruff

Thanks for making a great tool for the EF community and I would be happy to be part of the beta users if you need more people.

Dane Morgridge

This looks awesome! It would definitely be a tool that anybody doing a lot of EF work would want to have.

Ayende Rahien


There isn't any week left :-)

Ayende Rahien


Probably, not sure yet


Take a look at the way the EFTraceingProvider works, it is similar


Do you need to inherit your object context from a concrete class to make it work?

I would definitely buy the EFProf because a lot of clients want to use MS technologies. However, I already use a custom EF provider for my projects that does log4net logging, leve2 caching, provides enterprise library like API, etc. So I'm wondering how the EFProf would integrate into it.

Mohamed Meligy

This is very cool!

I like so much how NHibernate Prof is expanding to become ORM Prof (maybe you want to consider re-branding, LOL), I never thought there will be LINQ to SQL Prof or Entity Framework Orif, coming from you especially. I expect LINQ To Sql Prof to gain more adoption soon and Entity Framework Prof to gain even more on the long run, based on what kinds of users would choose EF or L2S.

Also the speed getting such prototypes working is seriously AMAZING. IF you have some underlaying Framework/Core that makes this possible, it'll be great if you can talk about it same as Frans Bouma did with LINQ to LLBLGen Pro.

And of course, would love to hear about LLBLGen Prof soon :D

Julie Lerman

Ahh good. I was waiting for you to blog some screenshots before I did.

Hey, let's not have EF Prof be the underdog just becasue people don't like the freaking COLOR scheme. Perhaps we'll have to get a pro on the job. ;)

I did suggest pink & purples but be happy that Oren nixed that pretty fast! Even after all of those beers! :)


Nick Berardi

Hi Ayende,

Is there any way that I can get on this private beta when it is released. This tool would be a wonderful help with something I am currently working on.



Morten Mertner

I'd love to be on that list of beta invites, as I have a bunch of EF projects where something like this could really help.

Is it going to be a commercial offering or open-source?

Ayende Rahien

Oh, it is definitely going to be a commercial offering

Morten Mertner

Cool. I like being able to report bugs or suggest features and still have some hope of getting them fixed ;-)

Justin Adler


1) will this available for the public to beta test this, soon? (maybe there's a link already and I've missed it)

2) Will u consider some 'package' deals for L2SProfiler + EFProfiler ? (eg. save 20% or what not).


Justin Adler

Ayende Rahien


Sorry for the late reply.

It will (hopefully) be available for public beta in this week.

Yes, there will be a discount for getting packages.

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