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Linq to Sql Profiler is now on public beta

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Well, after talking about it quite often recently, I think it is just about time to make this public.

The Linq to Sql Profiler is now on public beta, and it is even more awesome than you could imagine.

We are able to get a tremendous amount of information out of Linq to Sql, so from profiling behavior it is quite on par with NH Prof or Hibernate Profiler.

Here is a screen shot:


Please note that the UI color scheme is still under development, we would love to hear feedback about that as well.

Like NH Prof, L2S Prof is currently offered in a 30% discount for the duration of the beta period.

Looking forward for your feedback…



Color scheme looks excellent on first view, how you choose colors?

Lars Wilhelmsen


Any MVP license?



Ryan Riley

Fantastic! Just curious, but I noticed you added a comment in the how to about POCO with LINQ to SQL. Is that possible? To what are you referring?


Very solid scheme this time IMO - I even like it more than NHProf's one :)


Personally I find the UI a little bizzare, not specifically the colour scheme, just.. why is the most dominant feature the name of the application? when I'm using the application thats completely unimportant to me..

Otherwise the UI seems clean.

Robert Cannon

As a owner of NHProf, do I get this version or is it another purchase?

Ayende Rahien


yes :-)


Yes, you can do that, in a pretty nice manner.

Google search that term, you'll find a lot of info


What do you mean? The app name is just the title bar, and you usually don't even look at that when working with the application.


Yes, this is another purchase.

I'll probably have a discount for people who already bought another profile, but it won't be larger than the beta discount one


I just downloaded the profiler. It works really well.

However I do have a minor problem. I have a MultiQuery object that combines multiple SqlCommand objects into one so you can call resolve multiple LINQ queries in a single db trip.

After all the commands are combined into a single SqlCommand object I need to set its connection to the data context connection. Unfortunately, L2SProf replaces SqlConnection with a ProfiledConnection which does not inherit from SqlConnection (because it is sealed).

I use multi-queries all over the place. In order to make it work I have to check for the connection type inside the custom data context and use the .Inner property if it is a profiled connection. I wonder if it would be possible to avoid this, maybe to implement implicit operator between ProfiledConnection and SqlConnection.

Ayende Rahien


The problem is that you are tying yourself to SqlConnection.

Just use connection.CreateCommand(), and that will work just fine.

It will also be profiled by the profiler


Unfortunately I cannot do that. The command is created before the connection is available so the object does not require an active data context in cases string based queries are used.

The connection is assigned later through the .Connection property.

Ayende Rahien

Please contact me over email, comments on the blog are not conductive for doing this.


I came up with a solution.

Do beta testers who own an NHProf license get an additional discount? :)


Ayende, thats the point... its just the app name, and I don't care to look there, but its just so damned big that instinctively I constantly feel myself focusing there..

Theres so many usability studies into hierarchy ayende, at some level the distractions will be lowering productivity, so technically an improvement you could make to the app (to make it more productive) would be to make the title far less dominating.

But hey whatever, you asked for feedback, UI/UX is half of my job, so thought id try help.

Ayende Rahien


I appreciate the feedback, I just don't think that I agree with you here.

The title is about twice as large as the standard ones, yes, but this is located in a position you generally never look at using normal operation.


i'd love to have this color schema for NHProf


I like this theme. I would suggest you keep the shades of grey in the middle the same for all the different XProf products, and just change the colour of the titlebar (i.e. the blue bits) for each different one


Too expensive IMHO! You can attach some debugger writter that displays generated SQL (to Output window of VS for example) to DataContext.Log, and have similar thing for free.

Ayende Rahien


You wouldn't get nearly the same amount of information, but that is the fun part, no one is forcing anyone to buy it


True, i get the point. I Just don't like tools that costs half price of my whole IDE. Or I'm just spoiled with Apple Store (Iphone apps) business model and app prices?

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