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Über Prof goes live

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Über Prof is the codename for the multi-OR/M profiler that I have been working on for the last several weeks.

Today is a good milestone, because it marks the shift from treating it as an experimental to production ready.


Über Prof also brings with it several changes to the way I mange the profiler profiles. Each profile (NHProf, HProf, L2SProf and EFProf, currently) is built on top of the same codebase, but contains slightly different functionality to fits it target audience. I might talk about exactly how we are doing that in a later post.

That required making a small number of breaking changes:

  • The executable filename was changed to NHProf.exe (or HProf.exe, or L2SProf.exe, etc)
  • The appender filename was changed to HibernatingRhinos.Profiler.Appender.dll
  • The appender type name was changed to HibernatingRhinos.Profiler.Appender.[profile].[profile]Profiler.Initialize();

In practice, those changes are annoying, but should be very easy to fix.

Something important to note, however, is that NHibernate profiling and Hibernate profiling has been split.

For NHibernate, we have NHProf, and for Hibernate, we have HProf.

I hope to have L2sProf out in public beta this week. And EFProf is currently in private beta for this week and hopefully poke its nose out as public beta next week.


  • There is going to be a bundle, yes. No details yet on what it will be, though. I am leaning more toward a discount model rather than a bundle, since it seems that it would be more appropriate.
  • People who already bought NHProf license can use that for HProf as well with no issues.



Will there be a bundle, as in a single Über Prof licence?

J Healy

Yeah, how do you anticipate the licensing to work? And any break for those of use who already have NHProf licenses?


I am also hoping there will be a discount for existing NHProf users.

Also, can you not force to do updates for non-beta versions. Today I had to delay a presentation because my NHProf copy decided it will not run until I update it.

Ayende Rahien

Configurator & J,

See the update

Ayende Rahien


Forced updates are only for 25 revisions gap. The reason that you were hit with that is that moving to UberProf also meant a lot of builds for NHProf internally.

I'll try to keep that to a minimum in the future.


i assume you have thought of the name idea 'XProf'

Ayende Rahien


Yeah, been done.

UberProf is much better


Are you planning to support commercial OR/Ms too?


Are you planning to support commercial OR/Ms too?


XPO from DevExpress?

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