NHibernate Linq 1.0 released!

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The most requested feature for NHibernate for the last few years has been Linq support, and it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of NHibernate Linq 1.0 RTM, which you can download from here.

NHibernate Linq support is based on the existing, proven in production, Linq provider in NHibernate Contrib. The plans to overhaul that and merge that into NHibernate’s proper for the next release are still active, but the project team feels most strongly that production quality Linq support is something that we ought to provide for our users now.

This Linq release support just about anything that you can do with the criteria API. We do not support group joins or subqueries in select clauses, since they aren’t supported by the criteria API. NHibernate’s Linq support has been tested (in production!) for the last couple of years, and most people find it more than sufficient for their needs.

We do plan for expanding the Linq support to support more, but the decision has been made that it makes absolutely no sense not to provide an interim, highly capable, release in the meantime for our users.

Enjoy, and happy linqing.

Oh, and I almost forgot, which would have been a shame. Many thanks for Tuna and Chad, for doing the bulk of the work on the provider.