More on Macto

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Looking at the responses that I got, I think that there is some basic misunderstanding about the goal of the sample. Some people seems to want this to be a usable product, some even went ahead and specified some… interesting requirements.

Unlike Storefront, I don’t intend to create something that would be a useful component to take and use, for the simple reason that I don’t think that it would allow to show anything really interesting. Any generic component or system has to either make too much assumptions (constrained) or not enough (open ended). I don’t care to have to hand wave things too much.

Given that I am a domain expert on exactly two things, and that I am not going to create Yet Another Bug Tracking Application, I think that it is fairly obvious what I have to build.

Macto is going to be a prison management system.

I am going to use it to demonstrate several topics that I have been dealing with lately, among them the concepts & features architecture and how to build scalable systems.

I’ll let you stew on that and will post more details about Macto tomorrow.