xProfiler – A generic OR/M Profiler

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With the release of NH Prof v1.0, I started to look if I can extend what I am doing for NHibernate for other OR/M in the .NET space. My initial spiking makes me optimistic, this is certainly possible. I’ll probably talk at length about the actual architectural implementation, but for now I want to concentrate on the actual high level requirements. I want to be able to support the following:

  • Linq to SQL
  • SubSonic
  • LLBLGen
  • Plug your own DAL

While none of them are going to provide me with the detailed information that I can get from NHibernate, it turns out that I can get a pretty good mileage from just pushing the basics along. The first spikes with Linq to SQL are promising (more about that will show up starting next week or the one after that), and I intend to allow you to:

  • Show DataContext
  • Show SQL Statements
    • Show you the actual formatted SQL, including parameters
    • Show you the stack trace of where that SQL was generated
  • Generate alerts for bad practices such as SELECT N+1 or issuing too many queries

There are things that I can do with NHibernate that are simply not possible with other OR/Ms (something like tracking loaded entities per session, for example, or showing cached queries), but since most of those are actually capabilities that NHibernate has and the others do not, I think it is still great.

Currently the plan is to have a separate product for each OR/M, that means that buying NH Prof will not get you L2S Prof, but we will most likely have some uber license that will cover all of them.

You’ll notice that the Entity Framework isn’t listed in my initial targets list. That is for a very simple reason, plugging into EF seems to be about nine times harder than doing it with anything else. I would need to get a strong feedback that this is something that enough people are willing to pay for.