reMVC Storefront Part 19

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Rob Conery has another MVC Storefront post, this time focusing on using Windows Workflow.

Those are my random impressions:

  • You probably do want to test your work flow. In the same way you want to have an integration test for the system.
  • The sequence work flow seems to be a very heavy weight approach to just orchestrating actions in the application.
  • I wonder what the perf implications of creating a workflow here would be. My gut feeling is that this is not good, but I don't really have data for that.
  • There is probably an issue here with the WF being run in async, I am not sure where it is getting its threads, but if it is from the thread pool, then it is consuming request handling threads, which can kill a site.

As an aside, here is the checkout workflow:


And here is how I would write this:

order.Status = OrderStatus.Verified

Much easier, I think :-) And even more flexible.

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