Testing DSL Syntax with Interaction Based Testing

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How do I test the syntax in this DSL? HandleWith should translate to a method call with typeof(RoutingTestHandler) and a delegate.

import BDSLiB.Tests

HandleWith RoutingTestHandler:
	lines = []
	return NewOrderMessage( 15,  "NewOrder", lines.ToArray(OrderLine) ) 

Well, I use interaction based testing, obviously. I find this test utterly fascinating, because it is fairly advance, in a roundabout sort of way, and yet it is so simple.

public void WillCallHandlesWithWithRouteTestHanlderWhenRouteCalled()
	const IQuackFu msg = null;

	var mocks = new MockRepository();

	var routing = dslFactory.Create<RoutingBase>(@"Routing\simple.boo");

	var mockedRouting = (RoutingBase)mocks.PartialMock(routing.GetType());
	Expect.Call(() => mockedRouting.HandleWith(null, null))
		.Constraints(Is.Equal(typeof(RoutingTestHandler)), Is.Anything());