MsBuild vs. NAnt

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A long while ago I moved the Rhino Tools repository to using MSBuild. I am not quite sure what the reason for that was. I think it was related to the ability to build it without any external dependencies. That is not a real consideration anymore, but I kept that up because it didn't cause any pain.

Now, it does.

More specifically, I can't build the rhino tools project on a machine that only have 3.5 on it. The reason is that I have a hard coded path with 2.0, which worked well enough, until I tried to work on 3.5 machine. In which case all hell broke loose.

Well, that is an easy fix, right? Just go and change the hard coded 2.0 to the current framework version, right?

Except that the msbuild doesn't have any way to do that.

I am surprised, to say the least. And yes, I know that I can extend it to support this. I am not particularly sure that I want to, however. At this point, it would be easier to just move it to NAnt, I think. It would also align rhino tools with the tooling all its dependencies are using.