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image Not my code.

I am not even calling this by any way shape or mean.

No way in, no way to debug, check or fix.

In Reflector, the ViewId setter is 80 lines long and contains enough logic to start evolving on its own.

I have spent the entire day fighting the CRM, trying to get it, not to work right, because I consider this beyond hope, but just to the barely functioning level that seems to be the normal state of affair there.

This is just the latest in a long series of error that had made this day an utterly frustrating, annoying, aggrevating mess.

I am going home.









Scott Singleton

CRM is one of the most frustrating and un-intiutive bits of software released. And no bothering calling in and burning a ticket on it with MS -- you can rewrite the suite in the time it takes them to figure out CRM issues.


I second Scott Singleton. Microsoft CRM is so awful we wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, no matter what kind of money a client would be willing to pay. Fortunately, there is no iterest in Microsoft CRM on the part of our clients.

I suspect CRM is the worst selling Microsoft product. That's why Microsoft is not motivated to fix it.

Mike D

This is a waste of your talents, time to join a new team?

I remember the previous post about the value of your time so one finger points to management for assigning such a task and the other goes to MS for releasing such a product.

paul stovell

I spent a bit of time building on CRM and developed a theory:

When Access 97 and FoxPro were deprecated, the teams had nowhere to go, and were absorbed into the Dynamics team. One thing led to another, and then one day, one of the PM's accidentally let them write code. Thus MS CRM, with its "referrential integrity and error handling is for nerds" attitude, was born.


HAHAHAHA Paul you are great! I like this one.

Yep, they still write apps the way they do it in Access..... Nightmare. And that is especially true on the Application team, the more this software geared towards business solution, the worse the quality is.

I guess there aren't some really serious complaint about Visual Studio/ .NET Framework, but I am sure there are a lot to complain about CRM, Great Plains (read: Great Pains), Axapta...

No, I don't like MS business software, not even a bit.

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