The other side of open source

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While most of the people working and using open source are fun to work with, there are some people who are... not.

A discussion on the nature of OSS development had turned into an exchange of stories about the "I'm using your stuff, you owe me big time." characters that appears every so often among the otherwise great communities.

Some of those encounters range from the one who thinks that I work for them: "I run into this issue with your stuff, I need you to fix it by Wednesday."

The blackmail attempts are almost amusing: "If you don't add this feature (three months development and human sacrifice may be involved) the I am never using your stuff again, and neither will my company."

To those that have Seen the Light and feel the need to spread it: "Why are you wasting your time on such a expletive expletive expletive stuff, are you so stupid you don't realize that Yxz is so much better then your expletive expletive expletive."

 I remove the expletives because they were fairly unimaginative.

The weirdest so far was a guy that  tried to convert me to Islam on the basis of exchanging three emails.

So, what is your best horror story?