Rhino ETLThinking about Joins & Merges

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Well, I think that I have a solid foundation with the engine and syntax right now, I still have error conditions to verify, but that is something that I can handle as I go along. Now it is time to consider handling joins and merges. My initial thinking was something like:

joinTransform UsersAndOrganizations:
		Row.OrgId = Right["Organization Id"]

The problem is that while this gives me equality operation, I can't handle sets very well, I have to compare each row vs. each row, and I would like to do it better. It would also mean having to do everything in memory, and I am not really crazy about that (nor particularly worried, will solved that when I need it).

Another option is:

joinTransform UsersAndOrganizations:
	left:  [Row.Id, Row.UserName]
	right: [Row.UserId, Row.FullName]
		Row.OrgId = Right["Organization Id"]

This lets me handle it in a better way, since I now have two sets of keys, and I can do comparisons a lot more easily.That is a lot harder to read, though.

Any suggestions?

Both on the syntax and implementation strategies...

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