Useful Trick: Upload To Blog

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Here is a nice trick to easily upload stuff to your blog, it used to drive me mad that I'd to open the ftp client, log in, browse to the right directory, browse to the right directory on my computer and then click "upload" every time that I wanted to post an image or a file there.

Here is the solution, a simple batch script that will upload it to the spesified directory by itself. I put a shortcut to it on the SendTo Folder (a shortcut so I could change the icon to something nicer :-S) and it certainly help things here.

@echo open > %tmp%\ftp_cmd.txt
@echo username >> %tmp%\ftp_cmd.txt
@echo password >> %tmp%\ftp_cmd.txt
@echo cd wwwroot/Images/Blog >>%tmp%\ftp_cmd.txt
@echo put %1 >> %tmp%\ftp_cmd.txt
@echo bye >> %tmp%\ftp_cmd.txt
@ftp -s:%tmp%\ftp_cmd.txt
@del %tmp%\ftp_cmd.txt