Features, features, features...

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To the theme of "Developers! Developers! Developers!"...

The interface for feature requests in berlios.de is a bit awkward to use when you want to do a bulk insert, so here is the features list for the next version of NHibernate Query Analyzer:

  • Recover from errors in mapping / configuration gracefully and then show what items caused the problem (red icon on the configuration screen).
  • Make the Hbm Editor & the Cfg Editor to tabs and allow editing files without openning a modal window.
  • Drag & Drop files to the configuration tab will add them, elsewhere will open them (with a message if they are not part of the current project.
  • Seperate the configuration tab to files in projects and configuration results.
  • Add a summery of the mapped classes and their abilities.
  • Generate code from hbm files via hbm2net & allow to create assembly directly from the menu.
  • Add proper code highlighting for everywhere a code is shown (right now it's hbm editor, sql & hsql windows).
  • Add wait window when waiting for DB.
  • Add severity combobox for logging viewer control when filter by is set to severity.

That is for now, if you want something, drop me a note.