RavenDB 4.2 has been released!

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imageI’m really happy to announce that RavenDB 4.2 has been RTMed. The newest version of RavenDB is now generally available.

This release brings to the table a host of new features. The major ones are:

We also have a host of minor ones. From theming support in the studio to revisions diffing. This release includes over 1,500 commits and represent over a year of work by our whole team.

But the headline for this release is actually an experimental feature, Graph Queries. This feature allows you to run graph queries against your existing data set. This is part of our strategy of allow you to use the same data inside RavenDB from multiple view points.

There are also a host of features that graduated from being experimental into stable:

And with that, I’m going to go off and bask in the glow of completing the release, paying no mind to the blinking cursor that talks about the next one the big 5.0. Smile