RavenDB 4.2 FeaturesDiffing revisions

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I don’t usually talk about what we call the Studio Features. These set of features impact the RavenDB Studio and are meant to make the lives of developers and administrators of RavenDB easier. We actually spend lot of effort on the Studio, because making features accessible and usable is considered to be a core part of the feature itself. We run the metrics, and bout 30% – 35% of the time spent building RavenDB 4.0 was spent on the Studio. We are still investing > 10% of our time and effort in continuously improving the Studio. I tend not to write about the Studio explicitly because we usually use it to show case the server features.

This feature, on the other hand, is purely a Studio feature. Yesterday I talked about Revisions in RavenDB and was reminded that we also have a new major feature for Revisions in the Studio only. Now you can diff different revisions directly  in the Studio.

Here is how you invoke this feature:


When you click on the compare button, you’ll get the following screen:


You can compare a revision to the current document or a revision to revision.

This can make it very easy to see what changed between two versions of a document.

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