How did the milk get to the fridge?

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This is probably very much related to this post. Our office manager has been sick for about a week a while back, and that led to an interesting observation on my part. There was milk in the office fridge.

Now, one of the (minor) things that she does is make sure that there are such essential things as coffee and milk are stocked.

She was sick for a week, and yet there was still milk in the fridge.

I’m not sure how it got there, I assume that the milk didn’t develop self awareness and the desire to be consumed in large quantities (those two seems to be quite unlikely to develop at the same time) and therefore manage to snick into our fridge.  So someone must have made that happen, but the really nice thing about it is that I have no idea how, or who.

I can guess the why, and I’m deeply appreciative (see attached image Smile).

But I do wonder if I need to find out who got the milk, or decide that if it works and you don’t know how, write a unit test that confirms it will continue to work and move to the next bug?