The importance of a data formatPart V – The end result

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So far I have written about the problem we had, the requirement for the solution, then did a deep dive into the actual implementation and finally I talked about the improvement in performance, which was a nice double digits improvements in percentage. There are a couple of tricks there that I still want to talk about, but that is pretty much it.

Except that this actually misses the entire point of this exercise. What the blittable format gives us is immediate access to any property without the need to parse the whole thing. How important is that for us?

Well, for one specific scenario, that is actually quite important. Let us imagine that we have the following RavenDB index:

from c in docs.Companies
select new

Here are the results, counting purely the time to load about 18,000 documents and get the relevant data:


I removed all I/O from the benchmark, and I'm testing only the cost of loading documents already saved in RavenDB and getting those properties from them.

And that is what I'm talking about Smile.

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