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I wanted to give someone a message, so I wrote this:

GueniaPig tester = (GueniaPig)you;


What was I trying to say*?

Sidenote; Do you find these quotes interesting? I seem to be doing quite a bit of them lately.

* Only after I sent the mail I realized that it may be insolting to the person recieving it.

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In IM, and often when people say "but I don't want more coffee / I just had one":

Beware, you will get kicked out of the geek guild if you don't have enough levels of coffee.

About a girl:

She is an angel, actually, she is two angels. The only problem is that one of them is the angel of death.

In response to "I hope I won't bug you much":

Feel free to do so, everyone else does :-)


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I'm not usually a funny guy (I think), but I had a conversation in IM this week that included this quote:

I can lend you a 5Kg hammer if you want to apply a design pattern to the computer.

Update: The Hammer Based Problem Solving Diagram. Thanks Ben.


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Patrick Logan has a post web services. I've very little to do with web services so far (notice the lack of posts complaining about stuff in Indigo :-) ).

What caught my eye was this quote:

Vendors will have to differentiate themselves on something more than wizards that mask complexity.

I agree whole heartedly, and for much more than merely SOAP or Web Services.

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Charles Petzold has a really good talk here about the problems that VS.Net gets you with being too smart. Best quote:

IntelliSense is considered by some to be the most important programming innovation since caffeine

I tend to agree with him, although I come to it from a different angle. From a non UI perspective, I find that people often takes the easy path that they saw on the demos, and very quickly ends up with unmaintainable mess. I'm a big believer in making the computer work for me, but I like to do it using abstractions and code, not via wizard magic.


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