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You have to follow the discussion to understand that.

Bil Simser:

@Glenn: Someone posted a reply on my blog about the guidance package:
"I don't really like what they did there.  Having views like IContactDetailView puts the model into the view which is exactly what you are trying to separate.  IMO Views should be things like Grid, Spreadsheet, Detail, etc which can handle any domain object (Contact, Customer, etc)"

Ayende Rahien:

That is the Extremely Passive View.
It basically says that a view is the base control, and you need to handle that. A view IMO is the presentation required for a certain business scenario. IContactDetailView is a business scenario, and as such it is appropriate.

Dave Foley:

Coupling the Extremely Passive View with a very complex RowDataBound  handler results in my favorite presentation pattern:
"Passive-Aggressive View"

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Patrick Logan has a post web services. I've very little to do with web services so far (notice the lack of posts complaining about stuff in Indigo :-) ).

What caught my eye was this quote:

Vendors will have to differentiate themselves on something more than wizards that mask complexity.

I agree whole heartedly, and for much more than merely SOAP or Web Services.


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