LightSwitch on the wire

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This is going to be my last LightSwitch post for a while.

I wanted to talk about something that I found which was at once both very surprising and Doh! at the same time.

Take a look here:


What you don’t know is this was generated from a request similar to this one:

wget http://localhost:22940/Services/LSTest-Implementation-ApplicationDataDomainService.svc/binary/AnimalsSet_All?$orderby=it.Id&$take=45&$includeTotalCount=

What made me choke was that the size of the response for this was 2.3 MB.

Can you guess why?

The image took up most of the data, obviously. In fact, I just dropped an image from my camera, so it was a pretty big one.

And that lead to another problem. It is obviously a really bad idea to send that image on the wire all the time, but LightSwitch make is so easy, indeed, even after I noticed the size of the request, it took me a while to understand what exactly is causing the issue.

And there doesn’t seems to be any easy way to tell LightSwitch that we want to put the property here, but only load it in certain circumstances. For that matter, I would generally want to make the image accessible via HTTP, which means that I gain advantages such as parallel downloads, caching, etc.

But there doesn’t seems to be any (obvious) way to do something as simple as binding a property to an Image control’s Url property.