Building data store – indexing data structure

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I run into an interestingly annoying problem recently. Basically, I am trying to write the following code:

tree.Add(new { One = 1, Two = 2 }, 13);
tree.Add(new { One = 2, Two = 3 }, 14); tree.Add(new { One = 3, Two = 1 }, 15); var docPos = tree.Find(new { One = 1, Two = 2 }); Assert.Equal(13, docPos); docPos = tree.Find(new { Two = 2 }); Assert.Equal(13, docPos); docPos = tree.Find(new { Two = 1 }); Assert.Equal(14, docPos);

As you can imagine, this is part of an indexing approach, the details of which aren’t really important. What is important is that I am trying to figure out how to support partial searches. In the example, we index by One & Two, and we can search on both of them. The problem begins when we want to make a search on just Two.

While the tree can compare between partial results just fine, the problem is how to avoid traversing the entire tree for a partial result. The BTree is structured like this:


The problem when doing a partial search is that at the root, I have no idea if I should turn right or left.

What I am thinking now is that since I can’t do a binary search, I’ll have to use a BTree+ instead. Since BTree+ also have the property that the leaf nodes are a linked list, it means that I can scan it effectively. I am hoping for a better option, though.

Any ideas?