Historical Mondial Moments

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It sometimes seems that the whole world goes mad over this thing, which I can’t really understand. But every time that I hear about the Mondial, it bring tears to my eyes, as I remember…

It was 2002, and the Mondial took place somewhere in Asia, which meant that the games were played in the morning, in Israel’s time. A lot of people in Israel are a bit touched in the head regarding soccer, so that cause quite a bit of disturbance all around, since people didn’t show up for work because they wanted to watch the games.

Anyway, I was minding my own business in Prison Six, just doing my usual rounds. Okay, calm down, you didn’t misread the last sentence, I was a prison guard at the time. One of the procedures for working in a prison is never work alone, we always worked in pairs. One of us would go into a cell to handle something, while the other remained outside the cell’s door. The idea was that it would prevent potential kidnapping.

The prison was very conscious of that since there was a major prison break / prison guard kidnapping / hostages just 5 years previously.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. It was Mondial time, and we put a lot of the inmates in the club, so they could watch the game. I was checking that the cell was clean for inspection, so I was pretty deep inside, where they was a giant roar from the club.


My partner was an avid soccer fan, so he didn’t think twice (actually, knowing the guy, thinking once was too much), he slammed shut the cell’s door and run to watch the replay.

I wouldn’t have minded, except that he locked me in the cell with 7 inmates.

The key for handling the situation was to pretend that I didn’t notice that and hope that the inmates wouldn’t either. By the time my partner got back to me, that cell was clean.