ALT.Net Israel Summary

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imageThis is my 3,500th post, wow! Looks like there is some future in this blogging business after all.

On Thursday evening and Friday we had the first ALT.Net Israel conference. I would like to thanks the attendees, for a really awesome couple of days.

The sponsors, Sela Group, Red Gate, Type Mock, JetBrains and SQLink, also deserve a round of applause.

I had fun. I am not sure what happened, but I arrived in the morning and suddenly it was over. Didn't feel any time pass at all.

I was honestly surprised by both the amount of people that have arrived and the quality of discussion that we had. I have hoped, but had hard time believing that this would happen. I am not sure where everyone was hiding before, but I hope (and am certain) that we will be able to create a strong community and keep this going.

We managed to get a lot of what went there on tape, and we are currently uploading stuff so the rest of the community will be able to watch it as well. I am looking forward to seeing Udi's reaction to the mess we did of the SOA session, in particular :-)

I am still in the process of uploading the videos I took, hopefully it will be finished by the time you read this post. You can get them at this address:

I repeat, awesome event.