Rhino Divan DB – Performance

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The usual caveat applies, I am running this in process, using small data size and small number of documents.

This isn’t so much as real benchmarks, but they are good enough to give me a rough indication about where i am heading, and whatever or not i am going in completely the wrong direction.

Those two should be obvious:

image image

This one is more interesting, RDB doesn’t do immediate indexing, I chose to accept higher CUD throughput and make indexing a background process. That means that the index may be inconsistent for a short while, but it greatly reduce the amount of work required to insert/update a document.

But, what is that short while in which the document and the DB may be inconsistent. The average time seems to be around 25ms in my tests, with some spikes toward 100 ms in some of the starting results. In general, it looks like things are improving the longer the database run. Trying it out over a 5,000 document size give me an average update duration of 27ms, but note that I am testing the absolute worst usage pattern, lot of small documents inserted one at a time with index requests coming in as well.


Be that as it may, having inconsistency period measured in a few milliseconds seems acceptable to me. Especially since RDB is nice enough to actually tell me if there are any inconsistencies in the results, so I can chose whatever to accept them or retry the request.