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User Interface Delegation – Rhino Divan DB

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No, this isn’t a post about how to do UI delegation in software. This is me, looking at HTML code and realizing that I have a deep and troubling disadvantage, while I know how to build UI, I am just not very good at it.

For a certain value of done, Rhino Divan DB is done. Architecture is stable, infrastructure is in place, everything seems to be humming along nicely. There is still some work to be done (error handling, production worthiness, etc) but those are relatively minor things.

The most major item on the table, however, is providing a basic UI on top of the DB. I already have a working prototype, but I came to realize that I am tackling something that I am just not good at.

This is where you, hopefully, comes into play. I am interested in someone with good graph of HTML/JS to build a very simple CRUD interface on top of a JSON API. That is simple enough, but the small caveat is that my dead lines are short, I would like to see something working tomorrow.

Anyone is up for the challenge?


Nick Aceves

What's the API like? Can we work on top of your prototype?

Is this UI supposed to be web-based, or a desktop client?

I could give it a shot, but can't make any promises. Email me.

James Newton-King

"There is still some work to be done (error handling, production worthiness, etc) but those are relatively minor things."


Ayende Rahien


Those are minor. The general architecture works, all the major pieces are in place.

Now it is a matter of making sure that all queries have paging, that we have sufficient logging, etc.

The codebase is < 4,000 lines long, so doing anything on it is trivial.

Kevin Gorski

I don't have advanced UI design chops, but I could create a working prototype with jQuery given enough direction regarding what the user should be able to do and will want to see.


:( I would like to do it, but I'm too busy doing my own HTML/CSS/JavaScript at the moment to launch my project this week.


If you could wait until Monday I'd like to help, but even if you do wait I can't promise to make the time. If you don't find someone else before that, and I have the time, I'll be more than happy to help.

Nick D

I would like to give it a try with jQuery. Please give me some details about the api(JSON format etc.)

Ayende Rahien


I am going to tackle this one step at a time.

1) get a reliable server with minimal limitations.

2) think about sharding & failover.

3) index freshness is already in, and you can tell if your query hit a fresh index or not.

I am not familiar with elastic, it is interesting.

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