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NHibernate donation campaign

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NHibernate is the most popular Open Source Object Relational Mapper in the .NET framework. As an Open Source project, all the work done on it is done for free.  We would like to be able to dedicate more time to NHibernate, but even as a labor of love, the amount of time that we can spend on a free project is limited.

In order to facilitate that, we opened a donation campaign that will allow you to donate money to the project.

Click here to lend your support to: NHibernate and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

What is this money going to be used for?

This money will go directly to NHibernate development, primarily to sponsor the time required development of NHibernate itself.

Donation Matching

Moreover, my company, Hibernating Rhinos, is going to match any donation to this campaign (to a total limit of 5,000$), as a way to give back to the NHibernate project for the excellent software it produced.

In addition to that, my company will also sponsor any resources need for the project, such as production servers (the NHibernate’s Jira is already running on our servers), build machines, etc.

Why should you donate?

If you are a user of NHibernate, you gained a lot from build on such a solid foundation. We ask to you to donate so that we can make the project even better. If your company uses NHibernate, ask it to donate to this campaign.




Peter Q

I know this is slightly off-topic but never-the-less (I'll donate to the one who resolves this):

If you have mapped two entities: User and Account, and one user has exactly one account, you can access it like this:

user.Account.Something. This causes Something to be fetches with the Account row (given it is lazy-loaded). If you access the Id, though, user.Account.Id, the row is still fetched, even though the Id is already there (it is what the row will be fetched by).

This may appear as a premature optimization, but in my experience this is often causing us a lot of queries unnecessary

Ayende Rahien


This looks like a bug.

Please post your mapping and code to the nhusers mailing list

From my crappy iPhone

Jira smira. You guys should move NHibernate over to Google code or a similar service. I know sourceforge has left a sour taste in our collective mouth, but there are plenty of high quality free alternatives these days. Why waste money and time administering your own servers when the free options will be better anyway?

Conrad Marc Akunga

What needs money is not so much the development but the documentation., howtos, user guide, manuals & books


I would gladly donate but just like Peter I am stuck on how to do something in NHibernate. I tried googling as well as posting into the nhusers group without any success and this makes me a bit frustrated.

Basically I have an entity with a mapped set of string elements. I need to be able to query entities that have a string element value that matches a string provided.

I am usually good at figuring out issues and this is really the first time I hit a roadblock with NHibernate and do not seem to get any help. I have a workaround using SqlProjection but I it is not very efficient or elegant.


Martin Nyborg

First PLEASE!! this thread is not about how to use NH it's about giving some very skilled and passionated people some quality time with NH - time is money.

And as Ayende I to think it's time to give a helping hand.

Matt Sullivan

Seems like something like NHibernate should be able to get government funding somehow. Gov't has R&D money, and stuff like NHibernate provides real public benefit.

Like someone should be able to get money to start up a nonprofit charitable software design company.

Dmitri Vorobiov

Donated last 10$ from my card. It's not so much, but I hope everyone will donate. Nhibernate rocks.


Just made my donation. I think it's important to show support for this.


@Free Software Developer

Do you get your dinner for free all the time?

And this is DONATION. It is entirely OPTIONAL.

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