The operation was successful, but the patient is still dead… deferring the obvious doesn’t work

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So, I have a problem with the profiler. At the root of things, the profiler is managing a bunch of strings (SQL statements, stack traces, alerts, etc). When you start pouring large amount of information into the profiler, the number of strings that it is going to keep in memory is going to increase, until you get to say hello to OutOfMemoryException.

During my attempt to resolve this issue, I figured out that string interning was likely to be the most efficient way to resolve my problem. After all, most of the strings that I have to display are repetitive. String interning has one problem, it exists forever. I spent a few minutes creating a garbage collectible method of doing string interning. In my first test, which was focused on just interning stack traces, I was able to reduce memory consumption by 50% (about 800Mb, post GC) and it is fully garbage collectible, so it won’t hung around forever.

Sounds good, right?

Well, not really. While it is an interesting thought experiment, using interning is a great way of handling things, but it only mask the problem, and that only for a short amount of time. The problem is still an open ended set of data that I need to deal with, and while there are a whole bunch of stuff that I can do to delay the inevitable, defeat is pretty much ensured. The proper way of doing that is not trying to use hacks to reduce memory usage, but to deal with the root cause, keeping everything in memory.