What should I work on next?

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As we near completion with EF Prof, I am starting to think about what the next project* would be. I got some ideas, but I would like to see what you think.

Note that I won’t necessarily follow this, but it would be a good indication about where to proceed.

A small explanation about the choices:

  • Entity Framework Caching Layer is an idea about adding 2nd level caching (similar to the way NHibernate is doing this) to EF, giving you transparent caching integrated into Entity Framework.
  • Production Profiling means that you’ll be able to connect to a production application with the profiler and see what statements it is executing, without paying any performance price when you are not connected.
  • LLBLGen Prof – as the name says, adding a new profiler profile that would support LLBLGen
  • DAL Prof – this is interesting, instead of supporting a specific product, this is meant for users who have a custom DAL, but still want to get the profiler benefits.

And anything else that you might want to suggest.

* Please note that all options discussed here are commercial ones.