NHibernate Profiler v1.0 Released

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Well, it is about time, isn’t it?

The NHibernate Profiler started about a year ago, and I estimated it at about three months of development. We released the public beta version in that time frame, and I think that we could have called in v1.0 then.

In the last six months we worked on adding new features (filters, alerts, detecting caching, etc), significantly improved performance and in general worked on polishing the product.

There are always more things to do, but at some point you have to cut the umbilical. NH Prof contains everything that I wanted there to be in the first version, provides an enormous wealth of information about your NHibernate applications and can guide you toward optimal NHibernate usage.

This twit just flashed by, and I think that I can honestly say that this was the target and purpose of NH Prof.


Happy NHibernating