NH Prof & Teaching NHibernate

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I have taught NHibernate both before and after NH Prof was available. I have to say, there is absolutely no way that I can compare the two.

NH Prof, I know that I am not suppose to say that, but I love you. I really love you!


I am saying this after spending 4 days doing intensive NHibernate stuff, a full 3 days course and NHibernate consulting day. And NH Prof made it so much easier that I cannot really describe.

Participants in my course can testify how at several points I just stared at the profiler in shock, not believing the breadth of information that it gave me. More specifically, error detection can be a true godsend in many cases. But just being able to flip between the code and what is going on is invaluable to explain what is going on. And today I had the chance to use it as a detective tool, trying to figure out what exactly is causing a page to issue hundreds of requests. The Stack Trace feature was invaluable in tracking down exactly what is going on.

Just for that alone, it was worth all the time, effort and money that I put into it.