Don’t throw the information at me, I expect you to work at it

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Here are two examples of two apps doing the same thing, using drastically different UI paradigm.



As you can see, TwitterDeck is using a multi column approach while Twhirl uses a single column approach. When I saw TwitterDeck, I loved it. It looked like I would have all the information I need right where I wanted it. And being able to add searches as columns looked exciting.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take a long time to see that there are some distinct disadvantages to seeing all of that information in front of me all the time.

There are a few things that drive me crazy with TwitterDeck that Twhirl just solves:

Information doesn’t expire

I don’t get all that many direct messages, for example, but a direct message from Glenn from three weeks ago has the same level of importance as a reply from 5 minutes ago.

Time isn’t explicit

Look at the way Twhirl and TwitterDeck represent time. TwitterDeck shows it as a date, while Twhirl display a duration. I don’t want to figure out when I try to figure out when someone posted something. Just answer my question already!

Don’t make me think

When Twhirl detect a URL in a twit, it automatically shorten it. TwitterDeck has a specialized text box for that. It means another step along the way.

There is one thing about TwitterDeck that I would love to see in Twhirl, and that is to be able to subscribe to searches. But again, results from a month ago are not required.

Twhirl’s model of a flow of information represent information in a way that is much more consumable to me.