Google vs. Bing

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I am on a new machine right now, and I had Bing set as the default search engine. I wanted to install TwitterDeck, so I search for it, and got this as a result:


Can you say totally useless? Trying the same thing in Google brought me this:


First result on Google brought me the right thing that I wanted. I have no idea how long I would have to go with Bing to find what I want, and I don’t care. Google get it, 99% of the time. Even for the crazy stuff (a blog post from four years ago I remember a particular phrase from).

The problem with Bing is that it bring a lot of results that are associated with the actual search term. That doesn’t mean that it understand what I mean and how to deal with it.

I am not sure if I am making much sense here, but I hope that the difference is clear. Getting a lot of results in fairly easy. Getting the right results is the thing that makes Google the King of the Search.