The radical idealist problem

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This is merely a simple observation. I had a chance to talk with a few people recently, and I heard something that really bothered me. Sadly, this is not a new thing, but it is still extremely annoying and disrespectful.

Basically, the problem is that concerns that are being brought up are dismissed as unrealistic, idealist and non workable in the real world. The people who bring up those concerns are also dismissed as radical tree huggers with no concept of how to build things in the field.

The reason that I think this is stupid, insulting and disrespectful is that a lot of the people bringing up those concerns are real world practitioners. It is more than just merely annoying to hear that.

Calling a raised problem an idealist issue or a perfectionist problem is an eventual guarantee that the feedback and concerns being brought up will dry up. And that the next feedback received will be in terms that aren’t favorable.