JAOO 2009

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I will be speaking at JAOO 2009, talking about advanced OR/M techniques and giving a tutorial about Rhino Mocks.

I spoke at JAOO 2007, and had a great time there. The content was superb and the attendees and the crew were great. I remember sitting at a session with Joe Armstrong talking about Erlang and finally getting things that were annoying just beyond my grasp, and that was one of several sessions that left me wanting more.

You can actually watch me and Hammett’s session about Active Record in JAOO 2007.

This year, there are two things that I am looking forward to in JAOO.

Probably the most important one is that JAOO is giving free tickets for women, which hopefully help us avoid the token female per conference, which seems to be the rule.

There are women in IT, I know because I have met quite a few of them (the best coworker and the best project manager that I had the pleasure of working with where women). Hopefully this will get more of them into more visible spots.

The second, of course, is the content. For a change, I actually have the time to attend most of the sessions that I want to see. I’ll probably change my mind at least a few more times, but here is my current list of session I plan to be at:

All in all, I hope to see you there.