In search of beauty

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I've a major problem regarding art, I can't draw a straight line with a ruler and a gun to my head.
Nevertheless, that doesn't stops me from admiring beauty. Naturally, I want my application, web site, desktop etc to be pretty.

More than that, I want them to look professional.
But that seems to be very hard to do, I looked here and thought I'd found some promise, but even Googling didn't help me!

DeviantArt has great resources, but most of the stuff there is copyrighted.
I would've thought, with all the developers donating their time to GPL and OSS, there would be some artists as well.

Anyone familiar with some resource that I can use?

Currently I found Noia Warm KDE set, which are GPLed, but there are limited in their expressiveness.

[Just to clarify, I would love nothing more than to pay enormous ammount of money to strange people for 32x32 icons. I just find myself unable to do so at the moment, at least until I'll start writing software commercially, and not as {not inexpensive} hobby.]