Making diagrams for dummies

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image I have been getting a lot of questions about how I make the diagrams for the blog.

I got some very strange suggestions from people, from having a full blown art department dedicated to producing those to drawing the diagrams on physical paper and then taking pictures of that on a wooden table.

The truth is far more boring, I am afraid.

I generally use the following tools to produce the diagrams:

  • Google Image Search
  • Power Point
  • MS Paint
  • Visual Studio

I use visual studio's class diagram designer to create the class diagrams, usually from empty projects, not the real ones. Then I copy the image to power point, where I do some mixing & matching.

Power Point is really nice in this regard, because it offers a rich set of effects that even a graphical dummy like me can use effectively.

I use Google Image Search to find relevant images, and then drag them into Power Point as well, making the same style of effects there. Then, if needed, I move it to MS Paint for final processing, and from there, to the blog.

This approach works well for someone that needs three tries to draw a straight line using a ruler, it is also something that doesn't take very long, which is also important.