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On jQuery & Microsoft

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No, I am not going to bore you with another repetition of the news. Yeah, Microsoft is going to bundle jQuery with Visual Studio and the ASP.Net MVC. That is important, but not quite as important as something else that I didn't see other people pointing out.

This is the first time in a long time that I have seen Microsoft incorporating an Open Source project into their product line.

I am both thrilled and shocked.



I was wondering for a second when I didn't see a post from you on it. I saw some people raise some question on ScottGu blog regarding MS stance on OS. I wonder if this is possible because of the MIT license...


The fact that they needed to include an official jQuery support shows why it's probably not that easy to incorporate OSS projects. Or was it really necessary?

Agus Suhanto

I think it's good news for open source guys. Who knows that your open source product will be on the list. Rhino mock is a good candidate. In fact some Microsoft guys already use Rhino mock for demo purpose in their blogs, aren't they?

Paul Batum

I asked a question about that exact point on the Hanselman's comment thread but it got drowned out by all the "oohaa! thats awesome" posts.

Erik van Brakel

I think it's a very exciting path Microsoft is taking. When they first announced their new ways (embracing open source, instead of locking it out) people were sceptical.

Now look at things like codeplex, the .NET source being fully accessible (although with a restrictive license), the various blogs of important Microsoft figures (or do the blogs MAKE them more important?).

I think this might very well mean that jQuery will become the definitive javascript library, or at least give it a good few steps extra over the likes of prototype etc.


The Oss aspect was metioned in my local user group. lots of very surprised people, including myself.


I agree with firefly; I highly doubt Microsoft will ever use GPL, but the fact that jQuery is also released under MIT makes it more palatable to Microsoft.

Heck, Microsoft may negotiate its own license.

Ian Joyce

Who cares? I could use JQuery before Microsoft "blessed" it.

Brian Chavez

MS is finally moving in the right direction. IMHO, the same decision should have been applied to NHibernate as well...


Good news indeed! Microsoft are really opening up to open source. Hopefully they'll stop copying open source projects (except when they actually have a better piece of software). So many man hours wasted building MS Unit Testing, IOC-container Unity , poor ORMs, horific source control systems etc.

But overall delighted with the direction Microsoft is taking!

Miles Thompson

You are absolutely right - the most interesting thing about this is that it indicates MS may be shifting their stance and actually starting to support the Alt.NET community properly, rather than just being inspired by / 'ripping off' their ideas and reimplementing internally.


Is this a repeat of "Embrace, Extend and Extinguish"?


Ian Joyce wrote:

Who cares? I could use JQuery before Microsoft "blessed" it.

Very true. Of course, if you've ever tried to use JQuery with ASP.NET Ajax, you know there are some finicky issues to deal with there; they don't always play nicely together.

The announcement implies that Microsoft will modify their controls to work with JQuery in a more integrated fashion, which can only be seen as a net positive.

Scott White

It's a good sign but that's it for now. This isn't really a Microsoft product it's more of a project that they sponsor, or that's how I see it.

Wake me up when they incorporate open source into an actual shipped project, you know when we actually see a license text file in the folder or something.

Vijay Santhanam


The only thing I don't like about another js library is the fact it has repeated code. If they're going to distribute and integrate, get rid of the duplicate code in ajax.asp.net.

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