What I am posting about

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I got more than a few comments from people that were upset about my "attacks" on ASP.Net MVC. I wanted to clarify a few things.

  • I don't think that they are attacks, they are simply documenting frictions points that I find myself running into. And as usual, I write them as I go along, so you get whatever impression I had at the time. So if I am frustrated or annoyed, the post would most certainly reflect that.
  • I have been doing the exact same thing for over 4 years now. And I don't think that the ASP.Net MVC is getting any special treatment here. I am treating that much the same way that I would any other piece of software that I use.

Finally, I would like to explain the method to the madness. I write about what I am currently doing. And in order to be blog worthy, it has to be either above or below average.

ASP.Net MVC currently falls in a very bad place in that regard. There is very little that it does that is above average to me, but as a new framework that I am using, there is a lot of annoying friction. The reason that it is unlikely that ASP.Net MVC will truly impress me is unrelated to the actual framework, I have been working on MonoRail for the last four years. I know MVC. There are some things that I actually like in the ASP.Net MVC framework, but they aren't individually important enough for me to blog about it.

I do plan to write a post about ASP.Net MVC sometimes in the near future, and so far, it is going to be a mostly positive post.

To the point, however, I am writing about what I do. Plain and simple. I have made significant mistakes in the past, and I'll do them in the future again. I can live with that.