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WPF is magic

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And I mean that in the kindest way possible. I am currently working with these wizards, and they (and the possibility WPF opens) keep surprising me.

I am well aware that this piece of code is par the course for WPF devs, but I have only dabbled in WPF, and seeing what it can do from visual perspective doesn't mean much until I have seen how clean the UI code looks like. I mean, just take a look at this:


All the information that I need to have about how to handle a piece of the UI is right there, and the infrastructure supports working in the way that I think is appropriate. The reason for this post is seeing how context menus works. I was extremely pleased to see how it all comes together in a single cohesive unit.


Frank Quednau

WPF is a great bonus for people who like to make maintainable apps and reduced LsOC.

Hadi Hariri

Commands are awesome.

Rajbeer Dhatt

So are you saying you are impressed with WPF? :)

Mike Brown

Welcome to the party. From what I've been reading the next version of XAML will be even more powerful with support for generics and a lot of other nice stuff.

Lucas Goodwin

Only drawback I've had with WPF is the lack of non-smoothed fonts. I'm one who doesn't like the blurry look of MSes font smoothing routines. A minor issue for the most part though.

Mike Brown

Lucas Goodwin try setting SnapToDevicePixels to true on the your root layout panel. This will address your issue.


I made a WPF app with 10 or 15 textboxes on it once and the perf on just typing characters was so bad it couldn't keep up with my typing. Which put a damper on WPF development for me along with there not being a good grid solution. Code looks nice though...

Glenn Block


I bet I know what that is doing you sneaky little devil :) Is that in your Rhino WPF or whatever?

Glenn Block

DataTemplates are awesome, Presentation Model is king. Death to code behing aaarghhh!

Only thing we need is commands going the other direction, i.e. from the Model to the view. Events don't cut it because I have to write code....

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