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Why are you showing such a contempt for my time?

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This post just went over the line...


I mean, how do you expect me to respond to such a message?

In the old tradition of, don't give the man a fish, here is how you find out.

There is this tool called Google. You can s-e-a-r-c-h things there. I used the advance technique of putting the search terms in the text box and clicked on Search.

Here is the result:


The third result, surprisingly enough, is from my site. You can see it right there in the link. Clicking on the link will lead you to this page:



Do you see the big red arrow? It point to a new fangled concept called a link. If you click on it, it takes you somewhere.

Here is where it takes you in this situation:


Have fun sharing this with your team, but I suggest taking a Google 101 course at the same time.



While funny, I can't help but see the irony in the fact that writing this post probably took far longer than forwarding the guy a link.

Who is showing who contempt for who's time?


furious nerds, ugh

Jan Van Ryswyck

Next thing you know, this guy wants to hire YOU to give a 2 days course on how to use Google. ;-)

Jan Van Ryswyck

Maybe, this is something that the training business needs. A certified Google searching training. A whole consultancy business on Google search is a big wide gap in the market. Imagine how productive a team can be if they just had a certified Google Serach consultant on their team.

I'll just stop here before I start to believe my own words ;-)

Tuna Toksoz

Prerequisite: CMPE001

Andrew Hallock

While this post had on me on the floor, you must remember that even though this person could have http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/ he took time out of his day to ask you about something you did. Your replying to him builds up your reputation and that will come back twofold.

He'll tell everyone how swell you are and word will get around. Now, he'll see this post and probably jump out of his office window :)

Tuna Toksoz

CMPE001: Introduction To Keyboard Of A Computer


RE: Bryan


Chad Myers

Dear Ayende,

So are you going to send me the copy or not?





That really deserved a rick-roll. I know, it's jumped the shark at this point, but they were asking for it.

Chad Myers

@Bryan, @Pat: Don't be a jerk. Who says he didn't send the guy the link?

If Ayende chooses to spend his time ALSO writing a blog post about it, at least he's wasting his OWN time.

That person who asked for the copy is showing laziness by not taking the extra 15 seconds to just look it up themselves. It's also rude and selfish of them to make someone else do their leg work. Ayende has the right to be put off by that.


Yeah, you might not remember but, waaay down there in your page theres this little thing:

Copyright © Ayende Rahien

Some people DO respect that and you should be more respectful towards them. I guess the guy was asking your permission to use your text.

You just made a fool of yourself.


Coming up second in the list of offensive things in that email is the font and color of the text. =)


I'm so disgusted by this lack of respect and humility I may never read this blog again.

Ayende Rahien


No, what he was looking for was the link to the actual post, not permissions to use the post.


a better way to Google in this case:

type: how to beat a dead horse? site:ayende.com/blog



he has the publishing date and now the exact title... I look a lot like he has the actual post and was just asking if it's OK to use it.

Some authors write their text and readers ask for a copy of that text and pay for it... it's a very usual thing to do in academic circles in US and that email looks exactly like it.

What you did is just plain wrong.

Neal Blomfield

It's all in the interpretation of the email. If you sit in the writer's chair and assume the best intentions then it could be construed as asking for permission, however if you sit in the receiver's chair (and understand a little of how Ayende appears to think) you can see where the response comes from.

Personally, I'd have to say the request could have been worded better if the intent was to ask permission, and being a cynic I'd also have to argue that it appears to be pure laziness as I see these kind of questions being asked a lot (i.e. questions that could be answered with a little bit of effort invested in research prior to asking the question).

P.S. (IANAL but ) Sharing content by providing people with a link to it does not constitute breach of copyright AFAIK - even printing numerous copies of a webpage off to hand around to people doesn't breach copyright.

Ayende Rahien


A) I had a conversation with the guy, I am slightly better informed than you.

B) See the screen shot of the post? That is all there is. He asked for the complete list

Ayende Rahien


printing numerous copies of a webpage to hand off is copyright violation.

You are distributing someone else's content.


How to beat a dead horse? site:ayende.com

You wouldn't believe how often I use 'site:ayende.com' in my Google searches.

Sometimes reader

Seems like you rubbed it in his face rather than just suggesting he use Google.

Ayende Rahien

Sometimes reader,

If he has no respect for my time...

Some Reader

So you value your time less than he does, and the time of those who read your blog just as much?

I guess I value my own time just as little by bothering to comment.

Ayende Rahien


I need explanation why you think so.


In fairness to Oren, I'm sure its not just this one email thats caused his blog post, but the relentless daily sifting through his inbox, filtering out the time wasting laziness!

Paul Batum


Same here! Just the other day I wanted to find out something about the lock statement and before I even thought about it I had typed into google "ayende lock". It wasn't particularly useful but it did make me realise just how much I value the content of Ayende's little corner of the web.


We shouldn't ask question which we already know the answer?


Google "Ayende how to google"

Neal Blomfield

Hmmm, like I said I Am Not A Lawyer but I thought copyright was about the preservation of the authors right to produce copies and sell them - if the original work is not being sold and you are giving full credit to the author (i.e. you have printed the entire blog page), could you not argue fair use?

Ayende Rahien

It is not. Even if something is freely available, it is not removing the copyright restrictions.


I don't understand how you can look at that email message and think that it is someone asking for permission to redistribute a work. In academic circles that V. mentioned, that is not how you ask for permissions. I've never heard of anyone asking for permission without explicitly stating that he is asking for permission.


It's silly, but I actually cannot stop thinking how the guy that sent you the email must feel now! Did he contact you again? Did he apologize? Did he maybe think you're a @#$#!# for making such a fool out of him - which, objectively speaking since I do not know the guy, I think he is :D

P.S. I also value time, but I appreciate these posts because they take one's head off of work for a little, could be refreshing.

Ayende Rahien

I contacted him again, yes.

With a link to this post and the actual link he was looking for

Tim Scott

If simple Googling weren't easy enough, you can also do this:

Google: [ site:ayende.com "How To Beat A Dead Horse?" ]

Adding the "site:" spec limits the search the that site.

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