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Writing begets writing

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I am working on the versioning chapter for the DSL book, and it is going amazingly well. When I started it I had only the vaguest of idea how to go about writing it, but I wrote 10 pages today, and it is going very fast, and the flow seems to be good. What creeps me out is that I spent months thinking about this, without getting any concrete idea about how to express myself, and than it all flow at once.

The problem, of course, is that it doesn't really flow into the book, here is my current blogging queue (unordered):

  1. NHibernate Interception with Post Sharp
  2. Entities dependencies best practices
  3. Creating logging interceptor with Castle Windsor
  4. Evaluating Prism
  5. Usage scenarios for Cloud Computing
  6. Evaluating Kym
  7. Distributed Hash Tables: Locks usage best practices
  8. Distributed Hash Tables: Locality
  9. Distributed Hash Tables: Namespaces
  10. Distributed Hash Tables: Time sensitive updates
  11. Distributed Hash Tables: Lookup by property
  12. Distributed Hash Tables: Lookup by range
  13. Code Critique: Transactional Queue
  14. Rhino Queues
  15. Useless Java
  16. A DSL trip to the Zoo
  17. I'll get to your application in a week- First, we need to build the framework
  18. Production Quality: A DSL Sample

And I am probably forgetting a few along the way. Just getting this turned around would be hard enough, but I also have three webcasts that I need to record & edit:

  • First Steps With Rhino Commons
  • Building Domain Specific Language with Boo
  • Production Quality Software

Way too much on my plate, I am going to bed.


Robert M.

I am really curious about "Useless Java" :-)

Ayende Rahien


Ayende Rahien


It is not what you think...

Simone Busoli

Oh, that's my project then. If you care, I'd be glad to move it to the rhino sample applications.

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