The NIH dance

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I started thinking about all the type of stuff that I had to write or participated at, and I find it… interesting.

  1. Database – Rhino.DivanDB (hobby project).
  2. Data Access – Multitude of those.
  3. OR/M – NHibernate, obviously, but a few others as well.
  4. Distributed caching systems – NMemcached – several of those.
  5. Distributed queuing systems – Rhino Queues actually have ~7 different implementations.
  6. Distributed hash table – Rhino DHT is in production.
  7. Persistent hash tables – Rhino PHT, of course, but I actually had to write a different implementation for the profiler as well.
  8. Mocking framework – Rhino Mocks, obviously.
  9. Web frameworks– I am referring to MonoRail, although I only dabbled there, to be truthful. Rhino Igloo was a lot of fun, too, if only because I had to.
  10. Text templating language – Brail
  11. Inversion of Control containers – Windsor, and a few custom ones.
  12. AOP – I actually built several implementation, the most fun was with the Code DOM approach :-)
  13. Dynamic Proxies & IL weaving – Castle Dynamic Proxy, not the recommended way to learn IL, I must say.
  14. CMS systems – several, but I really like Impleo and the concept behind it.
  15. ETL system – Took 3 times to get right.
  16. Security system – Rhino Security was fun to design, and quite interesting to implement.
  17. Licensing framework – because trying to buy one commercially just didn’t work.
  18. Service Bus – which I consider to be one of my best coding efforts.
  19. CI Server – so I can get good GitHub integration.
  20. Domain Specific Language framework – well, I did write the book on that :-)
  21. Source control server – SvnBridge

I haven’t written a testing framework, though.

I am probably forgetting a lot of stuff, actually…