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Interesting catch

Who has the mistake?

Ayende Rahien

Both can be argued to be correct.

The problem is not that, it is that there is a difference.

Chris Patterson

So now that the source to the CLR is viewable by the public, how does that impact the mono project and future versions I wonder?

Ayende Rahien

Same as always, if you look at CLR code, please don't contribute to Mono


Mono is correct because it does not use crappy "m_" prefixing for member types. ;)

Scott Hanselman

Shoot! Now that I've glanced at this post, I can't go fix this bug for you! AARGH! My eyes! ;)


Maybe you should have put a spoiler warning on this for any mono devs. I wouldn't be surprised if some were among your readers.

Ayende Rahien

This did not come from the CLR sources. This is a reflector output.

Beside, I frankly doubt that anyone will reveal the secret of PROPERTY GETTERS


@Hanselmen, don't worry the mono team has an official eye bleach for just this sort of situation.

Stefan Wenig

gotta get one of those: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7vqvdwkvJk&NR=1


Good catch :) So what does CheckDisposed() do? throw an exception if the object is disposed?

Jarrod M

I ran into a few things like this when working with Mainsoft (which uses Mono source to cross compile to java with their compiler).

By the way, what do you use to create your diagrams?

MIguel de Icaza

We only use m_ names when we are forced by something like remoting (which likes to send reflection-based internal field names across the wire).

Otherwise we stay away from that horrible practice.


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