Hunting for the missing item exception

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There was a known, but irreproducible, imagein SvnBridge for a long while now.

The essence of the bug is that under some circumstances, updating from SvnBridge would fail. The reason for failure was an assertion failure. Somehow, someone made a change to a file that doesn't exists.

Did you note the some circumstances part? That is the critical issue there. It is the circumstances that I wasn't able to reproduce. As a matter of fact, I wasn't able to narrow what happened. I sometimes got it, and when I had a repro, I could fix it. But all too often, trying to reproduce the same steps would not cause the bug, but work as expected.

Annoying as hell, as you might imagine.

Today I finally managed to figure out what was going on. You can see the repro on the right. This is a timeline, where each user is colored differently.

As you can see, it require a failure unusual set of circumstances, and the way the SVN protocol work make it harder to figure out. (When you ask for changes on an item, you are actually requesting all changes on its parent, which is a critical issue here).

It is also important which side of the rename you are asking about, and... but now I am probably boring you with technical details that are not interesting even to geeks.

I have been in weird bug fixing mode for SvnBridge for a while now, and it is... interesting to see what crops up. Right now most bugs takes quite a long time to track and fix, unfortunately.

Oh, and as a parting shot, take a look here at how I tracked that one: