Ayende.com, Inc

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For a long time, there has been rumors about this blog and other action carried on under the pseudonym "Ayende Rahien".  More specifically, we refer to allegations of a team behind the "Ayende Rahien" persona.

We are now pleased to announce that after 3 years of unparallel success, the Ayende.com startup has received its second round of funding, and are now able to go public with the results of the experiment.

The entity known as "Ayende Rahien" is an AI simulations, built by Ayende.com Inc as the first wave of AI Sourcing. (Think outsourcing, but without having to deal with the accent.

Looking back at the last three years, the decision to direct the AI toward Open Source projects and contributing to them has been a major success in growing the capabilities of the AI. Although some kinks in the design of the AI caused some... issues with regards to language and culture, but recent success in incorporating the AI into the corporate world has made us decide that this is the right time to go public with this information.

This person, image, who up until now served as a human front to the UI, is actually an actor with some basic knowledge in programing and great capacity for regurgitation.

We feel that during the last two years we have successfully proven the AI capabilities in terms of software development, and are now looking for additional customers for its capabilities. For questions and inquiries on the subject, you can contact us at: ayende@ayende.com


The Ayende.com team