NH Prof is in public beta

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Surprisingly, the hardest part in getting here wasn't writing the actual software, but all the other activities around it. Setting a web site, integrating a payment provider, getting content for said web site, etc.

But, we are now there, and NH Prof is in public beta, hooray!

You can go to the NHibernate Profiler web site and download a 30 days trail right now.

A few important points:

  • It is still in beta. There are several issues that we are aware of in the current version that will be fixed before we ship v1.0.
  • The reason it is in beta is to fix those issues and gather more input from the actual users. The private beta group was wonderful, but it is time for a bigger test group.
  • During the beta period, the web site is hooked to the continuous integration server. Whenever you download a version from the site, you get the latest bits.
  • I am also looking for feedback on the site and the content that you wish to see there. Like the actual application, the site is also in a beta period, and I plan on creating more content (help, samples, web casts) soon.

Oh, and as a precursor for a blog series about social engineering in software development, I am offering a reduced price for the profiler for the duration of the beta period.

That is all I have to say right now.

Do tell me what you think...